Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Do you Need Marketed?

Are you a musician, band, record label, or a music-related business/site in need of effecting marketing that can fit your budget? Look no further!
As the site manager of music.lifetips.com (#1 or #2 on Search Engines for 'music tips') and owner of Beer Music, Jeff Beer has access to a large fan base of hungry music audiences, as well as hundreds of bands, artist, and artistic related businesses.
While Jeff has offered his Music Promotions & Marketing Service for free in the past year, there was a need to start charging. However, Jeff understands a band's or business’ budget – as Jeff is a musician for 7+ years, so he really does know understand!

Offers & Deals:

Blog/tip promos for $1/link
- Links you provide will be posted on BOTH music.lifetips.com AND myspace.com/beermusicmarketing (so essentially, you get a $.50/site –AWESOME DEAL!)
- Blog posts & tips are permanent!
- Possible link placements on any blogs or sites that becomes available, while the PRICE NEVER INCREASES!!!

Newsletter promos for $1/link (per month)
- Get your link on the weekly newsletter (4 newsletters a month) -- So technically that's $.25/link – again, you can't beat that!
- Newsletter goes out to 1,700+ Members!

So, if you are interested in that, please contact with your offer to:
Contact: Jeff Beer
Email: beermusicmarketing@gmail.com
Twitter: http://twitter.com/musiclifetips
Myspace.com: http://myspace.com/beermusicmarketing
Music @ LifeTips: http://music.lifetips.com
Thank you,
Jeff Beer

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Beer Music is Launched!

Beer Music is proud to have launched the official blog!

However, this blog is going to give you a different perspective that the Myspace site of Beer Music doesn't give. So, consider this a breath of fresh air, and this blog will be a sure way for you to find new music to fall in love with!

If you are a musican, or happen to know of some musical act, that would love to be mentioned on the Beer Music Blog, then please let us know ASAP!

Much Love,
Jeff, Beer Music