Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Do you Need Marketed?

Are you a musician, band, record label, or a music-related business/site in need of effecting marketing that can fit your budget? Look no further!
As the site manager of music.lifetips.com (#1 or #2 on Search Engines for 'music tips') and owner of Beer Music, Jeff Beer has access to a large fan base of hungry music audiences, as well as hundreds of bands, artist, and artistic related businesses.
While Jeff has offered his Music Promotions & Marketing Service for free in the past year, there was a need to start charging. However, Jeff understands a band's or business’ budget – as Jeff is a musician for 7+ years, so he really does know understand!

Offers & Deals:

Blog/tip promos for $1/link
- Links you provide will be posted on BOTH music.lifetips.com AND myspace.com/beermusicmarketing (so essentially, you get a $.50/site –AWESOME DEAL!)
- Blog posts & tips are permanent!
- Possible link placements on any blogs or sites that becomes available, while the PRICE NEVER INCREASES!!!

Newsletter promos for $1/link (per month)
- Get your link on the weekly newsletter (4 newsletters a month) -- So technically that's $.25/link – again, you can't beat that!
- Newsletter goes out to 1,700+ Members!

So, if you are interested in that, please contact with your offer to:
Contact: Jeff Beer
Email: beermusicmarketing@gmail.com
Twitter: http://twitter.com/musiclifetips
Myspace.com: http://myspace.com/beermusicmarketing
Music @ LifeTips: http://music.lifetips.com
Thank you,
Jeff Beer